Group Coaching Program

Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Program

Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

Starting: TBD – Spring 2023

Monday’s 5pm (PST)


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The statistics on how many people follow through and accomplish their New Years’ resolutions are rather grim! Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Years’ resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

Don’t be part of that statistic!

This Six Month Group Coaching Program is custom-designed to support you in creating an UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS life and ensure your results for achieving a phenomenal and transformative year!

Join a dynamic group of extraordinary individuals who do not wish to be a statistic but who are committed to actualizing their dreams as we embark on the New Year.

The six-month journey is broken into three quarters with unique themes per week/ per month that focus on key topics designed to powerfully support you in your reinvention.

Can you imagine the bond created with your fellow participants as you witness each other’s transformation? As you can see the schedule covers your transition into the New Year and provide a strong framework to manage this transition.

Each month we’ll have a guest expert speaker for the group sharing tools in the areas of mind, body, and soul!

We are looking for 10 powerfully committed individuals who wish to champion their dreams and actualize them into reality. The commitment is 6 months. 

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Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program


Focus & Key Benefits of The Program




Theme: Reinvent

Sub-Theme: Redesign

Week #1


You will learn with crystal clear clarity how to redefine and redesign your life with powerful structures to achieve the unachieveable.

Week #2


You will learn the critical importance of being accountable for the results that you are standing for in your life.

Week #3


You will learn how to have integrity with your spoken word with what it is you say you are committed to.

Week #4


You will learn HOW to evolve your mindset to no longer have your subsconcious beliefs sabotaging your results.

Theme: Reinvent

Sub-Theme: Accelerate

Week #5


You will learn how to become a ‘rockstar’ in your own life and the life of those important to you.

Week #6


You will learn how to embrace ‘gratitude’ into your life, a guaranteed gamechanger of massive proportions.

Week #7


You will learn how to elevate your communication to improve the important relationships in your life personally and professionally.

Week #8


You will learn the key ingredients to becoming ‘unstoppable’ in what it is you wish to accomplish.

Theme: Empower

Sub-Theme: Mindset Mastery

Week #9


You will learn to manage your state of mind regardless of circumstances to experience the peace that you deserve.

Week #10


You will learn how to implement personal boundries to fuel your momentum, critical to achieve exponential results.

Week #11


You will learn how to silence that debilitating inner critic voice that denies your your potential.

Week #12


You will learn the importance of healing your past and learning the art of ‘true foregiveness’.

Theme: Empower

Sub-Theme: Discipline

Week #13


You will learn what it means to live an integrous life conguent to what you say you value.

Week #14


You will learn how to form new habits that fuel your future life ina way that transcends your experience of the past.

Week #15


You will learn how to become resilient when the going gets tough, how to dig deep and stay consistent with your mission.

Week #16


You will learn how to have an attitude adjustment where needed.

Theme: Excel

Sub-Theme: Champion

Week #17


You will learn how to live and lead a value focused life.

Week #18


You will learn how to finally honour your apprenticeship to this point in your life, for it time to be acknowledged.

Week #19


You will learn how to champion your vision to new levels.

Week #20


You will learn how to leave a lasting legacy that matters.

Theme: Excel

Sub-Theme: Sustainability

Week #21


You will learn to redefine your relashionship with ‘excuses’ in your life, to FINALLY end the vicious cycle of dissatisfaction.

Week #22


You will learn about the kickAss Congruence Model to chamion new life efficiencies.

Week #23


You will learn how to elicit support in a way that honours your end game.

Week #24


You will learn how to sustain & integrate the changes of this program.

{It was a pleasure and a privilege to be interviewed by Christopher Rausch. Although Chris was battling a cold, he was enthusiastic, spontaneous and thoroughly professional throughout the whole interview. Chris is a highly intelligent man with a good heart who's on a mission to make the world a better place.
Rob Prior
{Chris is the REAL DEAL and down to earth coach. I had the pleasure of getting to know him at his Live Broadcast together with Scott Goyette and had a blast. I can highly recommend getting on this show with them as not only will you have a great time, but you will be asked some great questions to show who you truly are as well. Love it.
Alf Marcussen
{Christopher is an honest, transparent coach that will motivate you to reach your goal with no excuses. He's high energy but friendly and because he is so open he's the kind of guy you can talk about the things you hide around most people, the real things. Thanks Christopher for giving me the opportunity to talk about my life story and promote my company, Reach. Much love, Stephen Goodman Reach Founder [email protected]
Stephen Goodman
{I recently had the honor of being a guest on Raw & Unscripted. Christopher is an awesome host! The conversation flowed so easily and covered so much ground! Gratitude, the effects of the last few years, book writing, and so much more. It was like having a cup of coffee with a friend... easy and relaxed. Truly Unscripted and fun! Thank you, Christopher. I'm also grateful to have had the opportunity to "switch seats" and have you as a guest on my show for more great content! Looking forward to what's next.
Teresa Velardi
{I had the pleasure of spending a little over an hour with Christopher and Scott in an unscripted conversation as it relates to my point of service in the world. The gift of their platform to share with others has shown the impact to those who listened and I have heard from many since the podcast happened. Some have even listened to it more than once. They are open and inviting to engage in conversations that many people often run away from, and this is a gift to the mind of humanity, to challenge them to shift into a whole new expression in their life. I look forward to being on the show again on September 8 , 2022 where we can unfold our next adventure. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to be a guest on your show.
{As a guest on the podcast, I very much enjoyed Christopher's style and feel like he has so much to offer... his advice is solid and he knows what he is talking about... I definitely recommend not only his podcasts, but also his coaching...and if you want to sample before you buy it all,you can call him on owwll! Thanks Christopher for all your hard work and dedication to those you serve 👍
Brian Strubhar
{Chris and Scott were AMAZING!! I loved the experience from beginning to end!! I feel like I went out with some great friends and got to share a life experience that can inspire, impact and empower others across the world. Thank you Chris and Scott for inviting me to share my story on your platform. It most certainly is "The Kickass Guide to Life." Real stories from real people making a real difference in this world. It is in sharing our voices together we get to help others along the journey of Finding Their Voice in life.♥
{Christopher Rausch is one of the best hosts I have ever worked with. He is raw, authentic, and genuine. Chris has a natural gift in keeping the conversation flowing, understanding his guest, and asking thoughtful, necessary questions. I am honored that I had an opportunity to share my story and passion on Raw & Unscripted. I look forward to seeing Chris on primetime television soon!
Tracie Randolph