Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program


Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

Starting Monday, September 19th 2022 @ 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST)

Early bird pricing of $2997 ends Aug 19th then moves to $5997.00 (10% discount if prepay in full)

  • 24 Weekly 1-hour meetings

  • PRIVATE one-on-one session before program starts and every two months thereafter with Christopher #NoExcusesCoach

  • Limitless coaching between weekly group calls with Christopher – personally and professionally (anything goes) – most priceless aspect of the program (via message/text unless emergency then a phone call)

  • PRIVATE closed user group on Facebook for those in the group to leverage sustained momentum/share their experiences

  • Paired with accountability partner (meet with them weekly aside from program)

  • Monthly learning themes with weekly focused content (see below for reminder)

  • Intimate group of no more than 10 people designed to be ‘intimate’ in nature to ensure personalised support throughout the 6 month experience.

  • Weekly growth challenges

  • Referral discounts (20%) of total paid (you refer someone to the program and you get 20% off your program)

  • Ability to make three payments over period of program

  • Cross leveraging knowledge of others in the program (co-creative brainstorming)

  • Focused accountability

  • Program will prepare you in advance for your 2023 goals

  • Ongoing support after program ends

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  • Know and own exactly who you are unapologetically

  • First class service

  • Increased confidence & courage

  • Increased inner peace

  • Greater clarity

  • Improved relationships

  • Measurable results

  • Clear picture of your legacy and WHY of your life

  • Discounts for joining Mastermind or moving to one-on-one coaching

  • Better mental and physical health

  • Freedom

  • Empowerment

  • Congruency

  • Courage

  • Discipline

  • Patience

  • No fear

  • Wake up excited



Unstoppable KICKASS 6 Month Group Coaching Program

A very wise person shared with me as I was growing my coaching practice and said “If you are the BEST then no one expects you to be inexpensive and if you are inexpensive then no one expects you to be the best”

You are purchasing the best investment in your KICKASS UNSTOPPABLE future!

During these six months you will experience shifts in your beliefs, actions, and most of all your confidence. Imagine the freedom you’ll experience when you’re no longer afraid to take imperfect action on your biggest goals and dreams? Picture the difference in your life when you no longer procrastinate with lame excuses because you lack clarity and strategies for creating and executing on your goals?

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Moreover, you are investing in the fact you are becoming an UNSTOPPABLE force of nature building a legacy you and your family will most certainly be proud of.

Lastly, all this said, you’ll also discover who you really are under all the different masks you’ve been wearing as the people-pleaser you are, because you’ll be flying your freak flag unapologetically!

I can most assuredly share with you I’ve either been where you are (perhaps comfortably miserable) or most definitely have coached someone in your situation now. I’ve been coaching before the term “coach” came on the scene. It’s been my way of sharing my own personal experiences of overcoming overwhelming situations to lead the amazing life I’ve built for myself because I too invested in coaches, courses, and masterminds.

I’m beyond excited and honored to take this walk with you!

PS: If you are thinking of working with me one-on-one your investment will be $10K for six months if that interests you rather than the group program.


Week 1 – CLARITY – You will learn with crystal clear clarity how to redefine and redesign your life with powerful structures to achieve the unachieveable
Week 2 – ACCOUNTABILITY – You will learn the critical importance of being accountable for the results that you are standing for in your life
Week 3 – COMMITMENT  –  You will learn how to have integrity with your spoken word with what it is you say you are committed to
Week 4 – BELIEFS/BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE – You will learn HOW to evolve your mindset to no longer have your subsconcious beliefs sabotaging your results
Week 5 – BEING A ROCKSTAR – You will learn how to own your uniqueness and embrace your innner Rockstar attitude and playfulness!
Week 6 – GRATITUDE – You will learn how to embrace ‘gratitude’ into your life, a guaranteed gamechanger of massive proportions
Week 7 – COMMUNICATION – You will learn how to elevate your communication to improve the important relationships in your life personally and professionally
Week 8 – BEING UNSTOPPABLE – You will learn the key ingredients to becoming ‘unstoppable’ in what it is you wish to accomplish
Week 9 – STATE MANAGEMENT – You will learn how to manage your state of mind regardless of circumstance to experience the peace that you deserve
Week 10 – PERSONAL BOUNDARIES – You will learn how to implement personal boundaries to fuel your momentum, critical to achieve exponential results
Week 11 – MASTERY OF THE INNER CRITIC – You will learn how to silence that debilitating inner critic voice that denies you your potential
Week 12 – FORGIVENESS – You will learn the importance of healing your past and learning the art of ‘true forgiveness’
Week 13 – INTEGRITY – You will learn what it means to live an integrous life congruent to what you say you value
Week 14 – HABITS – You will learn how to form new habits that fuel your future life in a way that transcends your experience of the past
Week 15 – RESILIENCE – You will learn how to become resilient when the going gets tough, how to dig deep and stay consistent with your mission
Week 16 – ATTITUDE – You will learn how to have an attitude adjustment where needed
Week 17 – VALUES – You will learn how to live and lead a value focused life
Week 18 – LIFE APPRENTICESHIP – You will learn how to finally honour your apprenticeship to this point in your life, for it time to be acknowledged
Week 19 – VISION – You will learn how to champion your vision to new levels
Week 20 – LEGACY – You will learn how to leave a lasting legacy that matters
Week 21 – NO EXCUSES – You will learn to redefine your relationship with ‘excuses’ in your life, to FINALLY end the vicious cycle of dissatisfaction
Week 22 – CONGRUENCY – You will learn about the KickAss Congruence Model to champion new life efficiencies
Week 23 – SUPPORT – You will learn how to elicit support in a way that honours your end game
Week 24 – SUSTAINABILITY PLAN – You will learn how to sustain & integrate the changes of this program

NOTE: The above may change weekly depending on the needs/desires of the group!


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