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No Excuses Confidence Workshop

– Who are sick and tire of being SICK and TIRED of feeling taken advantage of because they don’t have any boundaries
– Who feel stuck and overwhelmed with feeling like they have little control over their lives
– Who are busy all the time yet procrastinate because they fear failing, mistakes, and being judged
– Who have the best intentions yet time after time give themselves lame excuses which keeps them comfortably miserable
– Who desire to create and leave a permanent legacy for which they and their loved ones will be honored to carry forward
– Who take care of everyone and everything else thereby feeling depleted and frustrated
– Permanently shift your perspectives and beliefs about your past “failures” and “mistakes”
– Learn how to shift your mindset about your worth both in monetary and relationship value
– Gain clarity and develop for your bigger vision and mission with your life
– Discover and work how to elimnate what you are tolerating that is holding you back
– Work specifically with your largest excuse(s) and develop action plans for shifting those patterns
– Increased personal freedom and inner peace knowinig you are no longer going to be the same person as who started
– Make better decisions that serve your greater good
– Less regrets later on in life
– More confidence to ask for what you want and deserve in your personal and professional life
  • 90 minutes of step-by-step guidance and hands-on training
  • Downloadable mini-workbook with exercises to continue working on after training is complete
  • Mini-hot seat to get feedback from fellow participants about strategies that have been successful for them
  • 20 minute one-on-one follow-up call (at your discretion) with the #NoExcusesCoach himself (PRICELESS)
  • Date: Monday, September 12th 2022 @ 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST)
    • NOTE: Subject to adjustment based on group schedules
  • Special discount to upcoming Six Month “UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS Group Coaching Program”

Unstoppable KICKASS 6 MOnth

Group Coaching Program

Starting: September 19th 2022

Monday’s 5pm (PST)

The statistics on how many people follow through and accomplish their New Years’ resolutions are rather grim! Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their New Years’ resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.


Success Stories

{Our team has been working with Chris for over ten years. Chris has always been upfront, reasonable, and focused on win-win outcomes. We have enjoyed our partnership and wish him the best.
Andrew Foster
Director of Operations, Service Division at Pacific Rim Mechanical
{Christopher Rausch is one of the best hosts I have ever worked with. He is raw, authentic, and genuine. Chris has a natural gift in keeping the conversation flowing, understanding his guest, and asking thoughtful, necessary questions. I am honored that I had an opportunity to share my story and passion on Raw & Unscripted. I look forward to seeing Chris on primetime television soon!
Tracie Randolph
The Reset Coach LLC
{Chris and Scott were AMAZING!! I loved the experience from beginning to end!! I feel like I went out with some great friends and got to share a life experience that can inspire, impact and empower others across the world. Thank you Chris and Scott for inviting me to share my story on your platform. It most certainly is "The Kickass Guide to Life." Real stories from real people making a real difference in this world. It is in sharing our voices together we get to help others along the journey of Finding Their Voice in life.♥
{As a guest on the podcast, I very much enjoyed Christopher's style and feel like he has so much to offer... his advice is solid and he knows what he is talking about... I definitely recommend not only his podcasts, but also his coaching...and if you want to sample before you buy it all,you can call him on owwll! Thanks Christopher for all your hard work and dedication to those you serve 👍
{Professional, Inspirational, and Reliable are 3 words that come to mind when asked about Christopher Rausch. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Christopher over the last 3 years. We worked together on a large beautification project at PADI Americas. During the project, I met with Christopher on many occasions to discuss the direction, scheduling, and overall progress of our progress of our part of the project. In those meetings, Christopher always had a very clear objective which is always helpful when trying to complete a project. I highly recommend Christopher and look forward to working with him again.
Chris Tucker
{Been following your page for a while now, and around the first of the year, you posted something that I can't find now of course. But in a nutshell, the post meant that people can only do to you what you allow, stop whining, make a plan, set a goal and a date... and DO IT!!! Well I did, it worked, I am right on schedule within my timeframe, and am fixing to start a new job. I absolutely love this!!! However, you worded it that particular day, was what I needed to hear... YOU made the difference and I just wanted to thank you!! You do make a difference!
Gayla Reinkens
{You were on fire last night Christopher! That was a great panel. Looking forward to hearing all of you tonight. Thank you for stepping into the gap and making a positive difference!!
Jeffrey Wolfe
{I am writing to thank you again for the excellent presentation you put on for my company. The training session you conducted for our managers, customer service staff, and administration staff was an overwhelming positive experience. The event was very well received and looking forwards to scheduling our next one.
Kelly A. Martinez
{Great show Chris! You are spot-on! Christopher Rausch is world-class as a coach, speaker, and all-round nice guy - inspiring
Kim Platts
{I absolutely love this guy! His outlook, his words, and his encouragement. He is amazing! You don't find many that have the love like this for helping others. #unstoppable
Lisa McFarlin


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