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{It was a pleasure and a privilege to be interviewed by Christopher Rausch. Although Chris was battling a cold, he was enthusiastic, spontaneous and thoroughly professional throughout the whole interview. Chris is a highly intelligent man with a good heart who's on a mission to make the world a better place.
Rob Prior
{Chris is the REAL DEAL and down to earth coach. I had the pleasure of getting to know him at his Live Broadcast together with Scott Goyette and had a blast. I can highly recommend getting on this show with them as not only will you have a great time, but you will be asked some great questions to show who you truly are as well. Love it.
Alf Marcussen
{Christopher is an honest, transparent coach that will motivate you to reach your goal with no excuses. He's high energy but friendly and because he is so open he's the kind of guy you can talk about the things you hide around most people, the real things. Thanks Christopher for giving me the opportunity to talk about my life story and promote my company, Reach. Much love, Stephen Goodman Reach Founder [email protected]
Stephen Goodman
{I recently had the honor of being a guest on Raw & Unscripted. Christopher is an awesome host! The conversation flowed so easily and covered so much ground! Gratitude, the effects of the last few years, book writing, and so much more. It was like having a cup of coffee with a friend... easy and relaxed. Truly Unscripted and fun! Thank you, Christopher. I'm also grateful to have had the opportunity to "switch seats" and have you as a guest on my show for more great content! Looking forward to what's next.
Teresa Velardi
{Yes, you SAVED MY LIFE!! I honestly owe thanks to you and your videos! I was just watching about the classes you guys are going to be doing!! I'm so impressed!! You definitely are KICKASS!! I'm going to try and do this class thing. I learned so much today from you! Again, Thanks!!
Teresa Turner
{I had the pleasure of spending a little over an hour with Christopher and Scott in an unscripted conversation as it relates to my point of service in the world. The gift of their platform to share with others has shown the impact to those who listened and I have heard from many since the podcast happened. Some have even listened to it more than once. They are open and inviting to engage in conversations that many people often run away from, and this is a gift to the mind of humanity, to challenge them to shift into a whole new expression in their life. I look forward to being on the show again on September 8 , 2022 where we can unfold our next adventure. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to be a guest on your show.
{If you are interested in motivation and inspiration I HIGHLY recommend following Christopher Rausch the NO Excuses Coach and Scott Goyette Founder and CEO of 'Go Love Now' - Chris does a Raw & Unscripted video podcast weekly interviewing some of the most extraordinary thought leaders from around the world speaking on a diverse array of topics and also co-host with Scott a Friday Night Live show - both shows are well worth subscribing and following!
Sally Anderson
{Your presentation of Best Leadership Practices and Principles was very motivational, informative, and educational. Once more your presentation addressed the needs of both our mail managers and mail vendors/suppliers - a special touch we seldom see with other speakers.
Rogel Lima
{Exactly what I needed to hear today! You said it all. You actually care about people and you are helping. Thank you! You're the no excuses coach, but you do it with kindness and understanding. That's the difference. Keep it up!
Rebecca Evans
{Like Shaft my brother, you are one bad M.F. and that is a compliment. You have your own unique brand Chris and keep on telling it just like you do!
Mark Gassert
{I absolutely love this guy! His outlook, his words, and his encouragement. He is amazing! You don't find many that have the love like this for helping others. #unstoppable
Lisa McFarlin
{Great show Chris! You are spot-on! Christopher Rausch is world-class as a coach, speaker, and all-round nice guy - inspiring
Kim Platts