Are YOU Doing YOUR Best?

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Self-Improvement

Are YOU Doing YOUR Best?

One of the main barriers I help my coaching clients breakthru is….

Recognizing they are way stronger and more resilient than they give themselves credit for.

Think of life this way: YOU have made it through 100% of all the “problems”, “Failures”, and “misteaks” to be where you are today!

I teach and bring out the BEST in my clients by reframing their perspectives about their past, present, and future.

What are your beliefs saying about what you are or not accomplishing?

If you died today (tomorrow is never guaranteed – trust me) would you feel EXCELLENT and PROUD of the legacy you are leaving behind?

Have you gone after those big audacious goals? Or, are you like many others who come to me for coaching and still playing the “someday” game?

1. Take your big goals and break them down into bite-size chunks (compound interest for building your strength, resiliency, and determination)

2. Have an accountability partner/coach to hold your feet to the fire and not accept any excuse for why you aren’t executing on your daily progress goals

3. Have a big enough WHY to support the HOW

4. Write your eulogy (yes I said it) and set the intention (promise) to wake up daily to make a little piece of it happen to complete the puzzle of your legacy

5. Don’t listen to naysayers. They are just bitter bitches and will try to hold you back so THEY don’t feel bad.

There! I’m your coach!

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