Fail Your Way to Success

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Personal Development

I often tell people, “Fail your way to success” which is alway met with those eyes. You know, those eyes that scream, “What? Are you crazy? I’ve been told all my life failing is bad!”

So many people are playing the “Someday” game with their lives. Do you know these people?

They say, “Well, someday, when this and that are like this and that THEN I’ll ____________.” Sound familiar? Painfully familiar perhaps?

Failing isn’t the falling down. It’s the staying down. I’ve “failed” SOOOO many times but I’ve succeeded a whole lot too! Guess what it took to succeed? Going through many painful “failure” or as I term them, “Learning opportunities” and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve seen people run out of time and their words, not mine, “I wish I would have taken more chances with my life!”

Regrets suck horribly. Go after your dreams! Get the right people in your corner (yes get a coach) and fail your way to ultimate success and GROWTH!

We are hear to learn lessons and LIVE our life – not exist in it only to end up at the end of our journey hoping, wishing, and even praying things would have been different.

That all starts….right between your ears! Go for it! It’s not easy but always worth it!

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