How To Find Your Resiliency

by | Apr 17, 2021 | Self-Improvement

As your #NoExcusesCoach today I’d like to share some thoughts on the topic of RESILIENCY.

Let’s kick off this discussion with a few questions to inspire our thinking as we chat.

Q: Do you consider yourself resilient? 

Q: What are the main components of resiliency? 

Q: Where can you start today to become truly UNSTOPPABLE? 

And we have just one more question to seriously taka a few moments to think about carefully:

Q: Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I really made of?” 

If you already know what you are made of then I’d imagine you’d identify with some of these common traits of those who are most resilient:

– Disciplined

– Passionate

– Committed

– Purposeful

– Consistent

– Resourceful

Now, if your immediate answer was something like, “I’m sugar and spice and all things nice…” then you most definitely need to keep reading LOL.

Let’s start with the foundation of what it takes to become resilient. It’s one word and it has one syllable. Choice. To become and remain truly UNSTOPPABLE begins and ends with what we CHOOSE to believe, focus, and execute on with 100% of your BEST implementing these values in your life. Choose to do this for yourself and you WILL become one resilient motherfucker let me tell you!

When I think of someone, besides yours truly, who is really fucking resilient, is none other than the man, myth, and now legend David Goggins. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who he is then please visit after you finish cruising around this blog and my site. Thank you.

Since I love questions here are a few more for you to consider: 

Q: Am I choosing to see myself as a VICTIM or a VICTOR? 

Q: Am I choosing to see life as happening FOR me rather than TOO me? 

Q: Am I choosing to give my absolute BEST in every moment to achieve what’s most important to me? 

Now, here’s the other aspect to consider, perhaps you don’t know the answer to the last part of the 3rd question above? If yes, then we need to discuss that offline. Feel free to book a complimentary coaching strategy call with me here!

So where can you start today to build your resiliency: 

1. Subscribe to my “1% rule” which means you do one more or one less of something not serving your best interest and you continue to be more assertive with pushing yourself outside your comfort zone more and more.

2. Write your eulogy. Then build your life in reverse with only those goals that support the legacy of WHY you are blessed to be here occupying space

3. Make absolutely sure the five people you spend the MOST time with are those who will hold your ass accountable and only speak in truth from a place of love and support – not holding you back or doing nothing!

I could literally go on and on and on with this topic but I’ll conclude with these final words that are desired to impact your soul like never before.

“You are only limited by the parameters of your own mind!”Christopher Rausch 

Now it’s up to you. I’ve shared some thoughts and now you can (a) go on about your day or (b) take some notes and create some action items to make a promise and commitment to begin executing this very day! #Choices #Results #Confidence #NoRegrets #Legacy 

Again, the offer still stands, please feel free to book a complimentary coaching strategy call with me here!


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