Personal Story: Creating a Legacy & Family

by | Dec 1, 2022 | A Day In The Life of Christopher

As a former 7th grade homeless dropout….

I’m BEYOND grateful for the incredible life I’ve created for myself and with my amazing partner in crime my wife Barbara.

Through the years being a parent wasn’t something I was really focused on considering the abuse I endured as a little boy and then even as a teenager. I didn’t think I’d have the patience to raise a kid.

Then, I met Barbara. We dated with nothing serious in mind but eventually she asked me if I wanted kids and I immediately said “No. I don’t think so. I’m not sure I have the capacity to be a good loving parent.” Boy was I WRONG!

We tried unsuccessfully for YEARS the natural method for creating a family but sadly we both have issues that prevent from happening naturally.

So, we decided to invest a LOT of money to try IVF. That too failed. We took a few years “off” from “trying” and figured God would do his work if it was meant to happen.

Then, we decided on adoption. I’ve done TONS of volunteer work with children’s organizations mentoring at-risk kids and foster youth so why not?

Well, that process of adoption took a few years as well with NO luck. That was until I was ready to give up at the age of 47!

We got the call from the adoption agency we got picked! And the most “exciting” part? She was due in 10 days! I was going to be a DAD in 10 days? WTF?

True to form she delivered about 15 days later and a few days after that we drove back home with our son Jackson.

He JUST turned six a few days ago and man what a wild ride! He’s the MOST amazing human I’ve ever met.

He’s taught ME so much about life and what’s truly important! It’s not the fame or money! Nope! I’ve had that plus more.

Life is about MOMENTS! Life is about love and surrendering our ego in favor of gratitude and pure enjoyment for what is NOW!

We won’t be permanently happy once we make this much money or have this much shit. Maybe for a few minutes but not long lasting.

I’ve worked with some pretty impressive people in my life as a coach and speaker (meaning I know famous people) and guess what? Guess who they’ve been jealous of? Me.

Legacy is massively important for my daily WHY. I help people realize their true potential because I’ve done it and continue to do it every single day I’m BLESSED to be alive!

As for me being a “ok” dad…I’ve been told I’m pretty remarkable at being a most loving, supportive, and inspiring dad!! Means the world to me.

2022 is coming to an end. 2023 is right around the corner. Are YOU following your dreams OR OR OR are you living your BEST life NOW while you continue to grow?

I truly hope my words today have inspired you to perhaps think differently about your past, present, and future!

Wishing you all an amazing holiday of lots of laughs, loves, and amazing moments!

Remember: Moments. Gratitude. Love.

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