November 30, 2022
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Vixen Kitty Memorial

by | Jul 11, 2022 | A Day In The Life of Christopher

Vixen Kitty Memorial . 21 years of absolute unconditional love and now she’s free.

Ever had a relationship with an animal that transcended the lines of mortal form and was just a sincere and undeniable connection? Well, if you had, then you know what I’m talking about. And, if you haven’t, you’re missing out on one of the best loves of all.

Vixen, along with her sister Xena, were placed in my hands as eight-week old kittens back in the summer of 2001 from my dear friend @Monet after suddenly having my cat Shadow pass away at just ten years old.

Vixen and Xena were inseparable and both had their unique personalities. Vixen got her name based on her attitude. She was a VIXEN and took no shit from anyone or anything. She was always small but incredibly feisty. Shit, she handled herself just fine with a Sheppard/Akita mix dog (my beloved Bella) and then with our current 120lb chunky Doberman, Ozzy.

But as much as she was a fighter, she loved to cuddle in my lap and always wanted my love and attention. When Barbara and I got together it became the Brady Bunch scenario. She brought three cats of her own (Poopsie, Buster, and Rocky) and together we had five cats in a three bedroom house. Lots of love but occasionally some scrapping going on with Bella included.

Over the years each of the animals I’ve shared above have transitioned to their next journey of the soul. Something I believe we’ll all experience soon enough. We always kind of thought, “Well, Vixen is so small, and having occasional seizures, maybe she’ll be the first one to go out of the bunch.” Then, in a matter of about five years, we lost Poopsie, then Rocky, then Xena, and Bella, then finally Buster passed. Vixen was the survivor. The Princess with an attitude of, “Don’t fuck with me – but I love you dearly.”

There have been more than a few times over the last few years of Vixen’s slow decline where we thought, “Will she make it another year?” And then she did. We adopted two kittens last year and had a somewhat fear Vixen would resent new blood in the house but instead of scaring them away, she took them on as the elder stateswoman if you will. They loved on her like she was their adopted mom. It was beautiful to say the least.

Recently however, it started becoming more apparent Vixen’s time here was coming to a close. Even though she lost weight, had difficulty walking, she always ate, drank, used the litter box, and most of all, wanted love and attention all the time. My criteria for knowing an animal still wants to be a part of the human world.

In the last few weeks her eating became less and less and her mobility as well. Her desire for love and attention never did.

Making the decision to lay and animal to rest is one of THE most soul crushing decisions to make – especially when they are still purring and looking for you every time you come downstairs. But the writing was on the wall.

I’ll spare you the horrible events that took place when we attempted to lay her to rest with a vet we normally don’t use. If you want, I’ll send you my “review” of their services and you’ll see how sharp my tongue can be when you fuck with my family.

That said, I called my normal vet and explained the situation, and the doctor immediately agreed to see her 30mins after I called. I bundled her up and brought along the cat carrier to the vet. She rode in my lap purring the entire 25 minute drive there. We sat in the car for a few minutes and I told her she was going to be set free. She was going to reunite with Xena (her sister), Rocky, Buster, Poopsie, Bella, and all the others before her.

I told her most likely my mom would be there to take her paw over Rainbow Bridge so she could be free of the restraints her poor tired body had her in. I cried and smiled.

Once inside the doctor quickly assured me it was her time and we started the process of letting her transition. She purred right up until the end. That is the spirit of Vixen the Princess she is! Her body is gone but her soul will forever remain in my heart and the legacy of our family.

I share this with you to remind us all when people or animals transition we can have two perspectives. We can be hurt (of course at our loss) but for a limited time. For me, what has always gotten me through the loss of anyone or anything for that matter is instead of looking at what I lost, I celebrate what I had and still have with the impact they made in my life. I live in their honor.

This just flowed from my heart to yours and although you may have your own tears running down your face like I do, you’ll always have them in your heart. More importantly, love, appreciate, and celebrate everyone and everything in your life now, for one day we’ll all get to transition and reunite. #Gratitude

Daddy loves you Vixen! I miss your meow and purr but I’m so thankful your spirit is free to run! I’ll see you again on Rainbow Bridge and I know you’ll be running into daddy’s arms once again.

Rest in peace little one!

Love your daddy!

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