November 30, 2022
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Your Hero’s Journey | The Joseph Campbell Story (Finding Joe)

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Personal Development

A common experience when speaking to potential clients is hearing the person share with me something to the effect of, “Chris, I’m just so tired of feeling like I do really good then something “bad” happens and I FEEL like I have to start all over again!”

Does this sound familiar to you as well? If it does, you’re certainly NOT alone!

A few months ago a perspective client wanted so badly to work with me as their coach but understandably finances were limited.

I suggested five books and two videos to watch and assured her IF IF IF IF IF she took notes and created action items from each of the books and videos AND AND AND AND implemented the ACTIONS on a consistent basis she would NEVER need a coach again.

This documentary (The Hero’s Journey – The Joseph Campbell Story) helped both of them tremendously with their victim(ish) mindsets and provided much needed clarity on the journey WE ALL GO THROUGH in this experience called LIFE.

I’m sharing this with you now and would LOVE your feedback after you’re done watching! What BIG lesson(s) did you gain from investing your time?

You can watch, learn, and grow NOW or you can pay later….with REGRETS!!!

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